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ELETEC Broadcast working in broadcasting applications, providing FM Transmitter and TV Transmitter, Broadcasting products, We offers professional broadcast fm transmitters for radio stations, FM high power transmitter: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 kW, 50kW, Broadcast FM transmitter, FM Exciters and Transmitters, FM Transmitters and Amplifiers Exciters / All-in-one Transmitters, FM Modular Transmitter, FM Compact Transmitter, broadcast rf transmitter,  FM exciters, VHF FM Solid-State Transmitters,  FM Solid State Amplifiers (air or liquid), FM Amplifiers 87.5 – 108 MHz Range, FM Transmission Equipment, broadcast transmitters, radio transmitter, Complete FM Transmitter Packages, STL Aural Links, STL Transmitters and Receivers, STL Link Radio Studio to Transmitter Link, Radio Links from 230 Mhz to 23 Ghz, Studio to transmitter audio link, STL for the connection Studio – Transmission site, Transmitter for radio broadcasting, Audio over IP, Radio Turnkey solutions, Complete FM Radio Station, Radio Studio & Radio Station Turnkey Solutions, Radio Station Equipment, change-over system, double cavity filter, radio link, remote control, Radio solutions FM Transmitters Air cooling, Water cooling. Broadcast FM Radio Transmitter from 20W to 80kW

FM Broadcast Antenna for low, medium and high power, FM Antennas: Antennas Systems, dipoles, panels, yagi, logarithmic antennas omnidirectional, directional and semidirectional patterns, complete soliution of your transmission line..

Digital Radio Transmitters: DAB+ Transmitters from 1W transmitters to 10kW Transmitter, compact solutions up to 250w and solutions for all others powers.

Television Transmitters : We offer a complete range of equipment for transmission TV Transmitters, VHF and UHF TV Transmitters fully compatible with analog and digital standards worldwide, modulator / exciter, Digital and Analog TV Transmitters Dualcast,  Low and High power  Broadcasting Transmitter with air and liquid cooling. Air Cooled Transmitter, Liquid cooled Transmitter, Compact TV Transmitter, High power TV Transmitter, Digital TV Transmitter. Amplifiers, Antennas, Accessories. ELETEC provides you with the best solutions for TV stations. Low and High Power Broadcasting Transmitters with Air and Liquid cooling,

TV antenna: Dipoles VHF III antennas, antenna system, STL, Yagi, UHF TV Panel Antennas and Systems, splitters, TV Links, microwave links.IP applications, Parabolic antennas and associated equipment, protections from AC Mains surge or lightning

Radio Station Equipment:  Audio Processors, on-air processing, Stereo Generators, RDS encoders, On-Air Consoles, Telephone Hybrid, automation software, Complete FM Radio Station Package,  Complete On Air Radio Studio Packages, Radio Studio , On-Air Radio Studio Equipment, Radio Turnkey Studios, Radio Studio Turnkey solutions, Digital Production Studios. Pre-wired studio solutions, turnkey studio solution, All equipment you need to start an Radio station.

TV Turnkey Solutions: Turn-key solutions in the Radio/TV broadcastComplete tv hd station, world-class solutions in turnkey systems, Television Studio Turnkey Solutions, Analog and Digital Television Studios, Stage lightning, post-production facilities … ELETEC is able to deliver complete and avant-garde turnkey TV Video studios packages.  Video Equipment – TV and Video Studio Equipment, complete Video Production Equipment, Television or Video Studio. TV Lighting equipment, tv audio processors, video studio drones, studio intercom systems, tv audio equipment, tv & video studio teleprompters, studio video recorders, tv automation system (playout), encoders & decoders, studio video routers, monitoring, cameras, studio video walls, clocks, video converrtes, truss for tv studios.

Complete tv hd station, Television Studio Turnkey Solutions,  Digital Television Studios, post-production facilities.

Specialize in high-and low-frequency radio installation turnkey solution, broadcast radio transmission, tv broadcasting, video broadcast, tv installation, all equipment for the radio and television broadcaster…

ELETEC Broadcast Mission to provide TV and FM radio stations with a product always innovative and reliable with the best balance between quality and price. ELETEC Telecommunication distribute TV & Radio professional Broadcast Equipment, analog & digital for Government and Private Customers (Commercial and Commnunity Radio). Eletec, only sells to professionals. ELETEC Broadcast Supplies and installs complete broadcast equipment packages and radio and television broadcasting stations worldwide, Europe, Africa, Middle East or Asia.

FM Radio Transmitters, Digital TV Transmitters, Antenna Systems

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Digital TV & Radio Broadcasting Equipment for Africa Broadcasters

Broadcast FM Transmitters, Digital TV Transmitters, Antennas for FM TV and STL

Eletec Broadcast equipment provides all equipment for FM and TV broadcasting stations. Manufacturer of Professional FM Radio Broadcast Transmitters for Radio Stations (FM 87.5-108 MHz) radio broadcasting. Leading Supplier for FM TV Radio Station Equipment : Fm | Tv | Digital | Broadcasting | Digital Television Transmitters Radio Transmitters DAB modulators transmitters MPEG-2 encoders TV microwave amplifiers links digital TV transmitters Antennas. FM transmitter, FM Radio Transmitter from 20w to 80kW, provider of Broadcast equipment. TV Transmitter, Digital Transmitter, FM, TV, STL Antennas, fm, tv, digital, broadcasting, Studio Equipments, Digital TV Station, Radio Station equipment, TV Station, Radio studio package and TV Turnkey Solution. FM Broadcasting Equipment, TV Broadcasting Equipment, High Power solid state Transmitters, broadcast rf transmitter, Systems and Packages, Complete FM Transmitter Packages : include FM Transmitter, antenna cable, antennas systems and Transmission equipment. Eletec is Your Source for Broadcast Equipment We are your #1 provider of Broadcast products