All equipment to Start an FM Radio Station in Africa

All equipment for FM broadcasting station FM transmitter, Studio Equipment …


All equipment to Start an FM Radio Station in Africa, Setting up a radio station  fm transmitter, studio…


Setting up a radio station

If you want to start up a full power FM radio station, we have complete equipments to start an fm radio stations.. When you need to update an on-air studio or construct a new studio complex, with automation and production capability.. Analog and digital production studios, audio managment, automation systems, networed audio solutions, ..

Radio pack
The system is composed by:
– Studio On Air, Studio Production
– Audio consoles for both studios On Air and Production
– Broadcast equipment, mikes, headset and near field monitors for all studios
– Radio Automation On Air / Automation
– Set of On Air clock and On Air lamps for studios
– Audio processor 5 or 6 bands with option RDS encoder
– STL, FM Transmitter, antenna systems, splitter, feeder
Broadcast Eletec will turn your broadcast plans into reality, on budget