Complete 500W FM Radio Package


Complete 500W FM Radio Package

Radio station FM 500W, special Africa
YOUR complete 500W FM STEREO STATION for 8,200 euros

Create a complete and efficient 500W local FM radio.
Fully equipped, turnkey 500W FM station.
Simple installation and easy configuration

500W FM Radio Station
Creation of a high-performance 500W local FM radio for 8,200 euros
Turnkey 500W FM station with quick and easy installation and configuration


This 500W FM station has been designed to meet the specific needs of creating FM radio stations all over the world and including Africa.
The equipment making up this FM radio station is of the latest generation and meets the most stringent standards and constraints.
Sound quality, performance and reliability are present on all ELETEC FM stations

Complete FM station 500w power composed of:

– 1 FM stereo transmitter power 500 W, adjustable frequency from 87.5 to 108.00 Mhz
– 2 Broadband Dipole Antennas, N
– 1 coupler, suspenders
– 35 m cable 1.2 ″ cc with mounted connectors thermo sheath
– 1 double CD / MPEG rack pitch player
– 1 professional 12-channel mixer
– 1 Digital stereo encoder Limiter 75 Khz eletec (option)
– 4 LV100 microphones
– 4 Microphone Stands
– 1 HP4 Headset Dispenser
– 5 closed CH70 helmets
– 1 FM tuner / LF amplifier
– 1 pair 2 studio monitor speakers
– 1 LF wiring kit allowing all devices to be connected to the mixer, HF coaxial wiring, Dipole antenna transmitter as well as HF connectors

Promotional offer not to be missed.

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