20 KW FM Transmitter High Efficiency

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20 kW Solid State FM Transmitter

Solid State FM Broadcast Transmitters

The ELETEC 20kw is realised with last technology FET, that allows drastic decrease of the temperature to a sensitive reduction of the consumptions.
ELETEC 20Kw is a system of total quality thanks to a diagnostic remote, fast and capillary assistance, low consumptions, duration in the time and it is easy to use.
Combining the basic form AMP 5000 we have gotten transmitters from 5Kw to 40Kw in confi gurations from 1 0 to N 1. All the components of the series
shared the same characteristics to the RF module, power supply, logics of control, systems of protection, derating, facility of installation and simplicity of
The advantages of the module systems are as follows:
• All technological improvement on the basic product is directly transferred on the apparatus of the series
• Automatic diffusion of the knowledges and maintenance
• Interchangeability and independence of the each module base
• Common parts of exchange on the whole series
System of the power supply switching by PFC (380 V. three-phases), high effi ciency. Logic proportional protection without interruption of the operation,
predisposition for telemetry and dual drive


20 kW Solid State FM Transmitter, high performance FM transmitter

The 20Kw is composed by: 4 x AMP 5000, combiner in 4 input, exciter 25, Group fan aspiration of series, Rack from 35 Unit, options: Dual drive, telemetry by sms or IP

Frequency range: 87.5 – 108 MHz
Low pass fi lter: Band 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz
Corrosion All the mecanical part are yellow alluminium
Measure point Monitor RF
Visualized parameters More than 50 visualized parameters on display LCD
Setting parameters operation From the frontal panel through encoders and LCD
CPU yes
Redundance power supply yes
Redundance fan yes
Transistors ICEFET
Type of transistors MRF6VP5600
Output RF connectors 1 5/8” opt 3 1/8”
Input RF connectors N
Audio input chanel L/R XLR female
Input connector MPX BNC female
Connector SCA BNC female
General stability of the output power /-0,1 dB
Output Inpedence 50 ohm
Armonich suppression > 70 dB
Spurie suppression > 80 dB
Input impedance 50 ohm
Gain 18dB
Threshold of ROS Software 11 % output power
Threshold of ROS fast hardware 11 %
AM residua asincrona 0,10%
AM residua sincrona 0,20%
Effi ciency 73% tip.
Different temperature of the air in entrance / gone out 15 °C
Type of cooling Forced air
Temperature (working) -20° – 45 °C
Temperature (not working) -20° – 70 °C
Umidity (working) 95% a 40 °C
Umidity (not working) 90% a 65 °C
Altitudine (working) >4.600 meters
Altitudine (not working) >15.000 meters

High Power 20kW FM Transmitter Broadcast Equipment