E20000TR 20 kW FM Transmitter


Discover brand new E20000 20KW FM Transmitter ELETEC BROADCAST

Cost-saving, solid state FM transmitter

E20000TR is a solid state transmitter that combines perfomance, reliability, efficiency and easy of service.
20000W FM Transmitter / 20.000 W solid state FM transmitter
The nominal output power is reached at nearly the 80-85% of the max output power that the equipment could generate.This mean that the TX doesn’t work under stress, in other words Superior Reliability = Higher Efficiency.
Thanks to an accurate design of the RF/PSU stage and the use of 50Vdc LDMOS RF dispositives, the system 20000
E20000TR is designed to reach the today’s limits of technology and devices in terms of efficiency which translates into lower cost of ownership of the transmitter. The energy consumption is approximately the 15% less than the old solid state transmitters.
RF PALLET redudancy: the transmitter is equipped with 32 transistors of 800W each (8 for each amplifier module). Thanks to Internal Balance Circuits, in case one (or more) transistor fails, the others are automatically
re-balanced, thus to continuing the operation at reduced power.
POWER SUPPLY redundancy: the transmitter is equipped with 12 switching power supplies ‘3 for each amplifier module’ to allow continuous operation if one (or more) fails.
Featuring proportional VSWR foldback and very fast protection against antenna short / open circuit.
The transmitter is designed to work 24H/day even if in exterme conditions thanks to an advanced control monitoring and a protection system which keeps it ‘ALWAYS ON AIR’.
Technology that reduces the working temperature of the transmitter by:
increasing the life of critical components like fans, rf transistors, electrolityc capacitors; increasing the power transformed in RF instead of heat;
increasing the efficiency, reducing the power consumption that for the end user means save money for the energy; reducing the quantites of aircon by saving money for the energy lifeTIME watcher It is an hardware/software solution that control continuously the power of the transmitter; it guarantees the transmitter to stay on-air in any situation,
if the temperature rises inside the site or if one or more P.S. / RF transistors are broken, the lifeTIME watcher adjusts the pwr according to the enviromental conditions. The transmitter never stop!
Planar RF stage
In the exciter / amplifier series the RF stage is made by planar matching, cables are reduced to the minimum by oversimplify any operation inside it.