Multi-standard TV Exciters


Multi-standard TV Exciters

UHF/VHF Exciter

EAR-X UNIVERSAL DRIVER allows the selection of operation modes and total remote control:

• remotely, using a dry contact;

• via TCP/IP, using a LAN connection, web graphic interface, and a standard web browser

• via built-in SNMP;

• via a dedicated command inserted into the transport stream.

The New EAR-X Universal Driver optimizes the investments of both international broadcasters, reducing the transmitter types, and national broadcasters, thanks to its versatility in operation modes and configuration.

The New EAR-X Universal Driver is future-proof and guarantees a perfect upgrade path for new modulation schemes that will be delivered.

The previous series EAR-6 can be upgraded to the new features.

New improved features compared to the previous series: Ÿ

  • Color large-sized display with important monitoring measures: spectrum, constellation, etc
  • Upgrade through USB Ÿ and OTA
  • Licensing upgrade
  • T2 T2 lite simultaneous mode
  • De-Compressor Embedded
  • Property Crest Factor optimization algorithm (PAPR equivalent)
  • Powerful pre-corrections to improve efficiency
  • GPS Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou integrated
  • 2 input IP redundant with seamless switch (GBE Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Pluggable Front End
  • New user-friendly web interface
  • Backward full compatibility with all ARK 6 based TX
  • Energy-saving system (automatic power reduction scheduler)
  • Anti-thief system