Turnkey Radio Studio Top 1Kw




ELETEC Broadcast provides Radio Turnkey Studios TOP 1KW


Complete radio station packages

Supplying broadcast radio equipment worldwide

ELETEC Broadcast provides a complete radio system and the know-how to go quickly ON AIR.

This package includes

– 1 Double Rack Broadcast Desk plus additional guest side
– 1 Studer 12-faders digital mixer with NANO SCORE DSP and I/O Engine, 100 mm faders
– 1 Telephone Hybrid, 2 lines with 2 GSM Module built in
– 1 Advanced Playout with automation software for 24h broadcasting, advert and scheduling management
– 1 TITAN FM 6  Bands Audio Processor, bass booster, 4 agc, 2 band clipper / Digital Stereo coder
– 1 RE20 Electrovoice Microphone with table arm

– 3 AKG Consended Microphones with table arms
– 4 DT770 closed studio headphones
– 1 E3/5 Active Monitor

– 1 double Player Cd/MP3 Player
– 1 DENON Digital AM/FM/DAB Tuner with RDS
– 1 Cable Kit
– 1Kw FM Transmission Equipment ED1000, new generation RDS coder
– 4 Dipoles Antenna System, splitter and connection
– 80 mt feeder coax cable 1.2cc

Turnkey Radio Studio Top 1Kw >>> LIMITED OFFER