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Radio Studio Packages

All Equipments to go On Air in a Complete Turnkey Solution


Radio Station Packages, Complete FM Radio Studio Packages Equipment : A wide range of complete studio packages for national, local and radios local station, community radios,  combines  flexibility, power,  and robustness.

We offer turnkey FM Stations packages:
Transmitter with wideband antenna system complete with accessories.
Antenna systems with cables and accessories
MPX or IP radio link systems with cable antennas …
Radio studios for ON-AIR transmission, playout, and recording production.

Transmitter and antenna system complete with accessories.
The packs consist of:

FM transmitter
Dipole, yagi, or panels antenna
Cable, etc

FM transmitter, RDS encoder, ON AIR Processor

The composition of these packages may change with the type of studio but is generally made up of:

Mixing console
Audio processor
ON AIR Light
Headphone distributor
Microphone arm
Software automation
Video monitor
CD player
Active speaker
Hub switch
Voltage Regulator…

option coder audio ip, streaming …