High Power FM Transmitter 10kw

10kW FM Transmitter

10kW FM transmitter range / 10,000 Watts SOLID STATE FM transmitter 87.5 – 108 MHz Range


FM Transmitter 10kw – 10 000W

10kW FM transmitter range / 10,000 Watts SOLID STATE FM transmitter 87.5 – 108 MHz Range

Broadcast FM transmitter 10KW, serving FM radio stations in many different countries.

Equipped with the latest MOSFET RF technology, the 10kW FM Transmitter features excellent efficiency and compact design.
Two 5KW Amplifiers are combined in a compact and clear modular design. High efficiency of at least 64% independent of output power level. Each RF amplifier has its own power supply, guard circuits and integrated harmonic filter. Each amplifier module is, therefore, selfmonitoring and self-protective Reduced stock of spares and high standardization level through the use of identical modules Easy monitoring and intelligent fault detection system as well as remote control via BITBUS or modem High reliability and optimum price/performance ratio are distinguishing features of the 10K

10kW FM transmitter range

Key Features

Frequency range:
Type of transistors:
Output RF connector:
Input RF connector:
IN/Output Impedance:
Harmonich suppression:
Power gain:
Residual asyncron AM:
Threshold of ROS by software:
Threshold of ROS fast hardware:
General stability of the output power:
Permissible voltage variation:
Operating temperature range:
Permissible relative humidity:
Maximum installation height:
AC supply voltage:
Power ratio:
Delta temperature:
Redundance power supply:
Redundance cooling:
87.5 – 108 MHz
St Microelettronics SD2942
1 5/8”EIA
50 ohm
> 72 dB
> 18dB
< 0,10%
11 %
11 %
/-0,1 dB
65% typ.
0° to 45 °C
95% @ 35°C
3000m above mean sea level
380 V or 400 V 3 phases neutral wire
< 15°C
More than 50 parameters shown on LCD display
Setting all parameters from the frontal panel via rotary
knob encoder and LCD display

10kW FM broadcast radio transmitter range