35kW FM radio broadcast transmitter


35kW FM radio broadcast transmitter


Discover brand new E/TX-35000-TR 35KW FM Transmitter

The new 35kw is realised with technology ICEFET, that allow drastic decrease to sensitive reduction of the consumptions. The 35kW is a system of total digital quality thanks to a diagnostic remote, fast and capillary assistance, low consuptions, duration in the time and it is easy to use. Combining the basic EAG5000 we have gotten transmitters from 5kw to 40Kw in configurations 1 0 to N 1. All the components of the series shared the same characteristics to the RF module, power supply, logics of control, systems of protection, derating, facility of installation and simplicity of set up. The advantages of the module systems are as follows:

All technological improvement on the basic product is directly transfered on the apparatuses of the serie

Automatic diffuson of the knoledges and maintenance

Interchangebility and independence on the whole series

System of the power supply swithcing by PFC (380V three-phases), high efficiency

Logic proportional protection without interruption of the operation, predisposition for telemetry

The 35kW is composed by:

8 X EAG 5000, combiner in 8 input, Exciter E500LCD, group fan aspiration of series

Racl from 35 Unities