DEVA Broadcast DB46


DEVA Broadcast DB46 Compact DAB/DAB+ Monitoring Receiver

The DEVA Broadcast DB46 proves that practicality does not come at the cost of efficiency and boasts a wealth of capabilities and superb features.

The DEVA Broadcast DB46 stands as a cutting-edge Compact DAB/DAB+ Monitoring Receiver, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and full compliance with DAB/DAB+ standards. With a suite of sophisticated features, this device is tailored for precise analysis and monitoring of Digital Audio Broadcasting.

Key Features:

  1. DAB/DAB+ Compliance and Accuracy:
    • Fully compliant receiver designed to meet ETSI EN 300 401 DAB standards, providing accurate measurements and analysis.
  2. Program Associated Data (PAD) Support:
    • Offers support for Program Associated Data (PAD) for comprehensive information display.
  3. Convenient Scanning and Monitoring:
    • Predefined DAB channel scan or manual tune for detailed component information and service access via 6 presets.
  4. Real-Time Audio Program Streaming:
    • Offers real-time audio program streaming for immediate monitoring.
  5. Built-in WEB and FTP Server:
    • User-friendly built-in WEB and FTP server for easy access and data retrieval.
  6. User Interface and Accessibility:
    • Provides easy device settings access with a protected interface and headphone output with front panel level control.
  7. Remote Control and Alarms:
    • Enables remote control and monitoring through LAN via TCP/IP, and supports alarm dispatch via Email, SNMP ver.2C, and GPO for quick response to signal loss or changes.
  8. Firmware Updates and Continuity:
    • Ensures improved operation with firmware updates, guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcast signals.

Additional Details:

The DB46 embodies a tradition of innovative engineering within DEVA’s monitoring tools, focusing specifically on Digital Audio Broadcasting standards. Compact and practical, it offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, including a high-end digital tuner, BandScan for signal overview, and detailed signal measurements like RSSI, SNR, CNR, FIC Quality, and Left & Right Audio levels stored for future analysis.

A key feature includes the BandScan function allowing an overview of available DAB/DAB+ signals and RF signal strength. It ensures signal continuity through local and online alarms for audio loss or signal changes, facilitating swift response by maintenance staff to prevent prolonged signal interruptions.

The device is controllable remotely via standard web browsers on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, including Apple and Android devices, offering convenience and flexibility in monitoring.

Compact, affordable, and technically robust, the DEVA DB46 is an essential tool for accurate, dependable DAB/DAB+ monitoring, serving as a powerful solution for broadcasting engineers and professionals seeking reliable, precision monitoring capabilities.