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TV Transmitters Air Cooled


TV Transmitters Air Cooled

TV Transmitters

The air-cooled Transmitter family from 1W Transmitters to 40KW Transmitters with High Efficiency Wideband. Multistandard

The SLine
The SLine is the air-cooled Transmitter family  (2, 4 and 5 rack units amplifiers), equippable with High Efficiency Wideband.The S4 and S5 amplifiers can be equipped with 3x redundant Hot Plug-in power supplies each, assuring the maximum reliability and the easiest maintenance.Multistandard
High energy efficiency to minimize consumption
Fully frequency agile without need for any tuning or trimming;
Automatic digital static or adaptive Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correction;
Power Amplifiers with triple redundant Hot Plug-in power supplies;
Temperature-controlled fans for better efficiency and cooling system performance.