500W FM Transmitter / Exciter

FM transmission / FM exciter


500 W FM Transmitter / Exciter

FM transmission / FM exciter
A perfect 500W Broadcast FM transmitter exciter for a small community radio station, religious radio or an exciter for a larger 5KW, 10KW or even 20KW FM amplifier. High performances frequency agile 87.5-108 MHz Broadcast Stereo FM transmitter, 0-500 W out adjustable, synthesized, agile frequency setting, excellent S/N ratio, SCA/RDS inputs, complete metering.
The new E500 are really innovative Broadcast FM Radio Transmitter exciter with 500W output power respectively, for these transmitter we have estimated a 20% longer MTBF. Thanks to the ultimate electronic components that have been largely implemented in the design.
500W FM Transmitter
500 watts fm broadcast exciter transmitter

FM Transmitters / Exciters