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ELETEC BROADCAST Professional FM Radio Broadcast Transmitters
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ELETEC BROADCAST Professional FM Radio Broadcast Transmitters

FM Radio Transmitters with a Strong signal, clean and best sound for your Radio Station!

ELETEC Broadcast specializes in manufacturing FM Transmitters for Radio Stations from 20 Watt up to 80 kW and supplies transmitter Packages such as: FM transmitters, amplifiers, combiners, cavity filters, antenna systems as well as  On air Processing, On-Air and Radio Studio equipment for community radios, radio networks and public radios


The FM Transmitters for your use Community Radio, Government and Commercial Broadcasting

Community Radios

FM Transmitters for:

  • Non-profit Community

Public Radios

FM Transmitters for:

  • Public broadcasting
  • Commercial broadcasting


Professional FM Transmitters for your Broadcast Radio Station

Radio Studio Equipment for your On Air Studio

Broadcast FM Antennas

Complete Turnkey Packages



Our transmitters are made in europe and offer all requirements of all power  low, medium, high power and with extractable power supply and compact version to ensure  easy maitenance for radio africa broadcasters and the best performance to radios all around the world: community, public and radio networks.

FM Radio Transmitter Modular-Combined High Power

FM Radio Transmitter Compact Low Power

Low-Medium Power Compact FM Radio Transmitter

FM-DDS Digital FM Radio Transmitter Low Power

Optional : RDS Coder, Digital Stereo Coder, Digital Stereo Limiter, MPX Splitter, On air radio processor

Option : LAN Interface – IP connection


A complete line of Professional FM Radio Transmitters and Professional Radio Equipment

ELETEC BROADCAST specializes in supplying Radio Station Equipment for FM Broadcasting Radio Stations, Radio Station Transmitters: 250W, 300W, 500W, 1000 Watt, 1500W, 2000 Watt, 5kw, 10kw, 20kw, 30wk, 40kW, 50kW, 60kw, 80kW Solid State High Efficiency Mono/MPX/Stereo with analogue modulation or Digital DDS Exciter/Transmitter

Our range of FM Radio transmitters and DDS Digital FM Transmitters work from 87.5 to 108 MHz in range

We Supply FM Transmitters :

  • FM Broadcast Transmitter
  • FM Radio Transmitter
  • Transmitter for Radio Broadcasting
  • Broadcast RF Transmitter
  • FM Broadcasting Transmitter
  • FM Radio Broadcast Transmitter
  • FM Transmitter Broadcasting System
  • FM Transmitter for Broadcast
  • Professional FM Radio Transmitter
  • FM Transmitter
  • Radio Broadcast Equipment Packages
  • Radio FM Broadcasting Products
  • Radio Station Transmitter

We suply: Broadcast Equipment :

  • FM Transmission Equipment
  • Broadcast Equipment for FM Radio Stations
  • Broadcast Products
  • FM Broadcast Equipment
  • FM Radio Equipment
  • FM Radio Station Equipment
  • Radio FM Broadcasting Equipment
  • Radio Station Transmitters

ELETEC BROADCAST is a supplier of a full complete range of FM Transmitters, TV Transmitter, Broadcast Equipment and RF  Equipment used in Telecommunications for Radio Television