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TV Turnkey MCR

A complete Television Studio in HD: within this HD TV solution we have included one main study and a study for news, with a final control room and two editing studios. The studios are connected to the network to enable the exchange of media files and each type of content between PCs in the network. The audio mixer, SSD recorders, and all that you need to interact with the cameras, operators and other studios are included in the system. The Master Control Room receives the contents of all studies and decides the contents to be put on air, it performs final inspection and alignment of the same. The automation software controls the transmissions, with clips, graphic logo, managing external devices, live broadcasts and social media management / SMS. Furniture specially designed for Broadcast, houses the devices dedicated to transmission.

The recording studios both have their Control Room, which includes an all-in-one solution like the TriCaster, next-generation Video Mixer that with its control surface manages cameras, video contributions, graphics, audio, title and animations. An ideal device for creating Virtual Set and publishing on social networks.

Both studios are also provided with cameras, teleprompter, remote PTZ cameras, tripods, background for Chroma key and lights to get the best lighting and colorimeter of the image. The cameras are connected to the Tally and Intercom for an easy communication between studio and control room.

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All equipment is of very high quality, produced by the best brands on the market. Pre-assembled cables and connections service and one year of remote support are included. Our team of experts is at your disposal for the installation and training.