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  Radio Vision studio ELETEC Broadcast is a compact visual radio workstation that allows users to transmit their radio to television or the Internet. 5 good reasons to choose RADIOVISION • Increase the brand • Radio programs become visually accessible by new media smartphone, tablet, internet, smart TV • Ability to produce fresh, affordable live shows and content for television • Integrate the transmission with the support of social networks (Facebook, Twitter,  to keep the listener • A new space for advertising: Banner Advertising Crowl texts Flash Animation Cross Media Promotion When listeners become spectators. The system is housed in a unit that includes professional microphones, headphone inputs, and a six-band Broadcast audio processor, TITAN FM model… The speech detection and automatic camera switching takes place via the FLO visual radio system. An additional table welcomes guests to let them actively participate in the show. Radio Vision Workstation All-in-one, is equipped with all the necessary forms to allow staff to manage one or more visual radio studios – playout, streaming, ad planning, programming, recording, editing and post-production with SDI and HDMI ins / outs and an A / V mixer with up to four integrated inputs. The workstation also includes an LCD screen, Full HD cameras, a lighting system and a tape recorder so that operators can record programs.

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