Radio Broadcasting Equipment


Radio Broadcasting Equipment

Broadcast Eletec provides the best selection on equipment for Radio Broadcasting products and Radio Transmittes & Equipments

Radio Studio
Radio Studio Turnkey solutions
Web & Smart Studios
Multi-Channel Station
Network radio
Fly case, the portable radio

TV Studio
Turnkey solutions
Radio Visions
Fly case, the portable TV

ELETEC Radio/TV Broadcasting Equipment can help you how to start your own FM Radio Stations from A to Z tailor made turnkey solutions at reasonable cost.
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ELETEC TV/Radio Broadcasting Equipment prepares the equipment and provides the know-how on broadcasting

  • High level of technical know-how &  professional solutions
  • Perfect scalability from the starter system to the top level solution

Supplier of  Broadcast equipment shipped all over the world. FM broadcast transmitters. TV broadcast transmitters from all leading manufactures and supply  a complete range of radio broadcasting equipment focusing on high performance FM transmitters