Gsm hybrid



Gsm hybrid for broadcast Studios

With the D&R GSM Hybrid you can add a simple and effective wireless interface
that your reporters can call.

With features like HD voice (extended frequency range) , Echo cancelling, digital EQ and

application control over USB on your PC it is a nice tool to expand the communication

possibilities of your studio with your reporters in the field.

The GSM Hybrid has its own number reporters directly can dial, the call can be taken

on the mixing console due to built in GPIO’s.

The electronics are housed in a sturdy metal 9.5” rack mount case with antenna’s

on the front side for optimum receiver conditions.

An external 12 volt power supply adapter is part of the delivery.
Software features are in and output metering and level control, phone dialling,

number recognition and GSM signal strength indication.

EAN 7436917139176


* Input and output level meters (ppm)
* Input and output gain adjust
* Phone dialling
* Number recognition
* GPIO configuration
* GSM Signal Strength indicator


* input and output level meters
* input nd output gain adjust
* phone dialling
* GSM signal strength indicator
* number recognition
* GPIO configuration