Equipements Radio FM, matériels de Station Radio en Afrique



A simple way to cover the highway with the same FM service consist in a system that converts the RF FM modulated signal to optical and deliver it trough a dedicated optical fiber line.
SFN ‘Single Frequency Network’ in FM 87,5-108 Mhz analog transmission for Highway-Motorway Nation-wide network
A low power repeater station will convert again the signal to RF.
The Frequency radiation is achieved by directional antennas to cover the area with the dedicated service.
The FM ISO-Frequency systems is composed by:

Head station

  • Standard FM Transmitter Mono, low power
  •  Laser Transmitter for optical fiber
  • Rack and accessory, UPS, monitoring, pass band filter, etc…

Repeater Station

  • Optical receiver for fiber
  • Special FM amplifier 0dbm imput with active filter tuned on the ISO frequency
  •  Rack and accessory, UPS, monitoring, pass band filter, etc
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