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E16M Modular Broadcast Radio Console


E16M Modular Broadcast Radio Console

The E16M, is a modular broadcast console of very high quality, AT A VERY COMPETITIVE PRICE
The “EM16 or EM24” series of broadcast consoles can be fully configured to meet customer needs.
Two different formats (16 or 24) can accommodate any combination of 12 modules (microphone / line, line / line, telephone insert and master).
Modular professional broadcast console
The modular transmission console is a modular mixer designed to provide maximum flexibility for radio and television stations.
The master module has 4 outputs, 3 of which allow balanced signal distribution without adding other devices. AUX modules manage dedicated reject or production outputs without interfering with transmission. Maintenance, thanks to the modularity, it is very simple and guarantees opening also in the event of a wave of defective modules.
The mixer can be configured with the following modules:
Each module has balanced inputs, EQ, gain and balancing. High precision LED meters allow optimal control of the output level and tracking.
Master :
Balanced XLR, outputs, 2 headphone output, Tuner / Sat / Ext in, SPK and HP ON room, AUX1 / AUX2 / REC out
Balanced inputs on XLR, enter the microphone, the parametric processor, tone control, the ability to assign AUX1 PGM-AUX2 – REC channel outputs, Fader Start, management, control room control, light signals and control study.
Balanced XLR inputs, tone control (high / medium / low), possibility to assign the AUX1 PGM-AUX2 – REC, Fader Start, EN balanced Jack 2 channel outputs.
Hybrid telephone, integrated, balanced audio quality IN / OUT, ADJ SEND and reception level, private function with microphones master module, possibility to assign the channel of PGM-AUX1-AUX2-REC.
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