SOHO Radio automation solution

SOHO – New Radio automation, reliable and stable

SOHO is a radio automation software designed for small to medium-sized radio stations. The software supports various audio file formats, and can be integrated with external devices such as microphones, sound cards, and mixing consoles. Jazler SOHO aims to provide a cost-effective solution for radio broadcasters who want to automate their operations without sacrificing quality.


SOHO Radio automation software solution

Radio automation SOFTWARE


Automation Software for your On-Air Radio Studio

The studio screen is redesigned to be flexible and customizable to each studio needs. You can select between multiple layouts and views for your tracks.

One of many alternative views of the main studio in HD resolution.

If your screen does not support HD (1920×1080), Jazler SOHO can be more compact, for lower resolutions.

The main menu of SOHO, designed to efficiently have access to all its sections in seconds. The jump to screen combo box on the top right hand section of the screen can be found in many places so you can jump from one section to another in seconds.

The log creator can create the full 24 hour playlist of a day based on your clock scheduling so you won’t have surprises. It allows you to edit it and record voice tracks on it.

The songs library of Jazler SOHO is a fully equipped library editor for your songs, categories, mix-points with many views and filters. You can also view instantly when a song was played  in the last days and some of its statistics.

The Spots & Commercials library is where you store and schedule all your commercials and jingles used in a commercial break. The commercials marked red are the ones that have expired and do not air anymore. You can also pin commercials or jingles to the top so you can have easy access to them.

SOHO also gives you the option of A and B outputs, so they can play interchangeably on your mixers faders. The same time you can have other two outputs, one for instant jingles, and one for monitoring.

An extra option on Jazler SOHO is the live embedded microphone, that will lower the music and open your line or microphone input for mixing. The auto-off button will also close down the microphone automatically and start the next track in full volume if you click Next.

SOHO supports also two screens for the studio. There is no restriction in your screens resolution and you can customize each panel to show whatever you want between many options.

The playlists library of SOHO is where you can create, edit and import playlists from external programs. You can also have a sneak peek of their contents and broadcast times.

In SOHO playlist editing you can also easily adjust mix points of your tracks and also record voice tracks for your manual playlist.

The main auto schedule editor is where you schedule your clocks. Each clock can have a different color so you can clearly see what times they are active. You can also mass change in an “Excel” like style your scheduling.

All the tools needed to create a clock is here. In SOHO you can also select a backup category to play in case that a selection fails, or needs compensation.

SOHO allows you to stream your output directly to your server(s) without the need of an external encoder. It can send the final audio without the need of a soundcard, or it can also stream the audio from the input of your mixer (through a sound card input).

SOHO also supports ASIO drivers for low latency and better audio quality

Instant jingles can be remotely edited in SOHO. You can also use the editor to play the jingles. The editor also detects instantly if an audio file of the underlying buttons is missing and reports it to you automatically.

SOHO supports many RDS & RDBS models. It can connect to them through RS232, TCP-IP or http post. It also natively supports PS, RT and RT with tags.

Radio Automation Software


  • OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10, 11 (Pro editions)
  • CPU: Intel i5 2.5 GHz or similar/higher
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Available USB port for USB HASP key license (studio)