9 kW DAB

Typology: VHF Band III

The PLine is the Multi Amplifier Liquid Cooled Transmitter family
P is equipped with Driver Dual Driver Option and N° 6 plug-In Amplifiers.
It is equipped with High Efficiency Wideband UHF/VHF and Low VHF state-of-the-art amplifiers characterized by high-power density and excellent signal quality granting optimal parameters such as shoulder attenuation and MER.
The P amplifiers are hot pluggable and are equipped with 3x redundant Hot Plug-in power supplies each, assuring the maximum reliability and the easiest maintenance.


  • Multistandard:
  • High energy efficiency to minimize consumption
  • Fully frequency agile without need for any tuning or trimming.
  • Automatic digital static or adaptive Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correction.
  • Hot Pluggable Power Amplifiers.
  • Power Amplifiers with triple redundant Hot Plug-in power supplies.
  • Temperature-controlled closed liquid cooled system for better efficiency and performance equipped with Dual Redundant Pump plug-In (tool-free pump swap) and dual-blower heat exchanger.
  • Multi input: 2x ASI seamless switch, 2x SAT (S2 with CAMSlot), 2x Ethernet seamless switch.
  • USB input to fast save/load configurations.
  • Built-in GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDU, GALILEO) for SFN applications.
  • Remote control via SNMP, friendly web browser GUI, no need of plug-in or apps, dry contacts.