1,25 kW COFDM, 1,5 kW ATSC, 2,6 kWps, 1,5 kW DAB

Typology: VHF Band III

The S5-01/DAB is the Syes  AIR Cooled VHF TV transmitters SLine.
Fully wide band high efficiency with a system efficiency up to 50%.
Composed by one driver (Dual Driver Option) and one (1) S5 amplifier.
Low Consumption, Compact and Easy to maintain, with a clear and intuitive design, it is next generation of air cooled transmitters, available in band I, Ill and IV-V.
The S family is designed to be the most efficient, robust and high performance


  • Multistandard
  • 2x ASI with Hitless switch, 2x IP Ethernet, 2x ETI/EDI 1xSFP (optical/electrical), A/V for analog broadcasting.
  • The most advanced manual, Automatic and Adaptive Linear and Non-Linear Pre-corrector.
  • Fully frequency agile without need for any tuning or trimming.
  • ON Board GNSS receiver (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDU, GALILEO).
  • USB input to fast save/load configurations.
  • Amplifier equipped with No. 3 Hot Pluggable power supplies.
  • RF Pallets with independent carrier mount, no re-adjustment needed.
  • Highest performances in terms of MER, BER and shoulders.
  • Independent temperature controlled low-noise fans.
  • Use of tools is reduced almost to zero including pallets replacement.
  • Remote control via SNMP, friendly web browser GUI, no need of plug-in or apps, dry contacts.