150 W Dab Transmitter

150 W Dab Transmitter


150 W Dab Transmitter


Dab transmitter
Designed to ensure stable operations, high MTBF and long life.
Output power range to 150W, other on request.
Teamcast core for an undisputed modulation quality.
Compact cabin : 2 units up to 150W.
Fully agile from 175 to 240 MHz without any adjustment.
Support MFN and SFN configuration with integrated GPS Receiver.
Broadband Doherty Amplifier for maximum of Efficiency.
Optional SAT Receiver DVBS/ DVBS2.
Colour 3.5” Touch Screen and buttons for easy setting.
High MER (typical 35 dB @ full Output Power).
High Shoulders (typical 40 dB without Output Filter).
Linear and Adaptative precorrection (auto function).
SNMP2 Remote control.
Innovative network monitoring capility over Telegram™ (option)


ELETEC dab 10, dab 20, dab 50, dab 100, dab 150
Wide Band Doherty Amplifier, 170 To 240 MHz Without Adjustment Hight Efficency typical 45%

Supported Standards:

Frequency Range:
170 to 240 MHz

DAB Mode:

Network Mode:

1.536 MHz

EN 300 401 v1.4.1

ETI Interface:
ETSI ETS 300 799 v1.5.1
ETI Stream Interfaces- 2x G703 input connectors – BNC 75 Ω – NI(G703), NA5376(G704), NA5592(G704) – Automatic detection – 2048 kbps ± 50ppm – 1x ETI output connector – BNC 75 Ω

Satellite Interface:
(Optional) 1x input (from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz) – F 75 Ω
Sensitivity from – 62 dBm to – 25 dBm – Standards: DVB-S and DVB-S2 – GSE De-encapsulation (TS 102606)

IP Stream Interfaces:
2 x 10/100/1000 base-T – RJ45
Protocols: IP, RTP, UDP, IGMP (V2 & V3) – VLAN ID (1 to 4094) – IEEE 802.1q – EDI De-encapsulation (TS 102 693)

Control / Monitoring:
1 x 10/100/1000 base -T Ethernet ports – Web GUI, SNMP
Telegram messages for complete monitoring in real time – TOUCH LCD Front Panel Display

Frequency range:
VHF (Band III)170 to 240 MHz:

DAB, DAB+ I, II, III, IV (ref EN 300401, EN 302077-2)

RF Output Power:
100W 150W 250W 500W (according to the model):

typical 34db at full power 38 db at half power

linear, non linear mode: continuos, single, static

Power Efficency:
up to 40% at full power
Internal GPS-Glonass high precision receiver for on board synchronization N connector

input (from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz) – F 75 Ω
Sensitivity from – 62 dBm to – 25 dBm – Standards: DVB-S and DVB-S2 – GSE De-encapsulation (TS 102606)

high swr, high temperature, high current, over voltage, automatic reset

front rf monitor, rear: rf out, 2x edi,1 lan, 2x eti in, 1x eti out, 1x 10MHz in out
1x 1pps in,1x 1pps out
1x gps in N connector, 1x sat in F connector

Power Supply:
AC Line 220V 50Hz AC – 110V 60hz – Line variations +/- 15%Power factor 0,98

Altitude max:
2500 m above sea level
Operating temperature range-10°C to +45°C Relative humidity 95 %, not-condensing load

Air Forced

50 Ohm VSWR Power reduction after exceeding the max value

RF Output connector:
N or 7/16

2 Rack Unit
Compliance and Conformity RoHS 2011/65/EC Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU Safety EN 60215 EMC EN 301-489-1/53 – ETSI EN 302 077