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Broadcast products – FM broadcast transmitters, TV broadcast transmitters, broadcast antennas, on air consoles, radio and TV play-out systems and all broadcast equipment

We offer a wide range of transmitters for FM, TV and DAB, including antennas, STL, on air processing, broadcast products for the studio & the transmitter, as our main products.

Our Mission, If – Your Broadcasting establishment requires Professional Engineering Consultancy for setting-up or system expansion of FM Radio, VHF, UHF TV Transmission Stations/Networks…..

– Your Broadcasting establishment requires complete System Design & Configuration, Broadcast – Antenna signal distribution simulation, Network Planning…..

– Your Broadcasting establishment requires High Technology Hi Quality, Reliable, FM Radio, VHF, UHF TV, Transmission and STL & MW linking equipment. – Your Broadcasting establishment requires complete ‘Turn-Key’ Broadcast Project implementation..

– And You expect very competitive pricing, value for money – And Professional – Service & Equipment..

2.3 2.5 GHz Grid Parabolic

ELETEC BROADCAST operates all over the world, through a distributive net, covering wide areas of all the five continents. The final customers are private and state, the intermediaries are company, which can rely on valid and always available technicians. After many years of activity , it was already clear the natural expansion of the commercial net and the determination to always keep the research and design at the maximum level. The digital technologies, the engineering and production evolutions allowed to obtain products with a quality/price relationship very competitive and immediately appreciated by the market. Our successful approach to the Broadcasting industry is :


– Using high quality components and utilizing the latest Technology for Power efficiency, low residual noise and high stability & reliability.

– Efficient System Integration taking into account future system expansion requirements of the Client.

– High reliability of equipment in Tropical climates with minimum preventive maintenance.

– Choice of Transmitter configurations – modular or integrated – Optimising Antenna configurations and frequency combining where necessary.

– Extremely reasonable pricing of professional products & services. – Complete and professional ‘Turn-Key’ Project implementation or supply of Broadcasting and Transmission equipment only.

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Excellent technical backup and after sales service – world wide.

The superb results attained by Eletec every day are the outcome of the effort and passion of everyone involved in the company.

A fine-tuned team with a focus on a splendid spirit of initiative ensuring maximum levels of professionalism and competence in various sectors.

ELETEC Broadcast supply Television, Radio FM Transmitters and tranmission equipment.

Our goal is to meet the demand for high quality broadcast telecom equipment, with the implementation of new technologies.