Complete FM Radio Station

Design and supply of turnkey radio studios
Design and supply of turnkey radio studios
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Design and supply of turnkey radio studios

Complete radio station, commercial radio station, FM radio station, transmitter and studio.

A wide range of complete on air studio packages to suit broadcasters of different sizes and types
Mainly design for N1 radios ‘local station, regional, community radios, or commercial radios’ combines flexibility and robustness, ease of use.

Complete your radio idea from start to finish: Make your guests feel at ease in a comfortable and professional GUEST ROOM.

The Top Studio aims to be a high-class radio: it includes a guest room, an On-Air and a production studio or On-Air backup studio. Your hosts may be received at a comfortable round table and interact via LCD monitors made available to them.

Both studies are connected to the network, so the production studio can be used as On-Air backup through a silence detector and a step switch. The automation workstation all-in-one for 24 / 24h programs includes all necessary modules for the operation of one or more radios: Playout, streaming, commercial planning, registration, modification and post-production.

All equipment is of very high quality, produced by the best brands on the broadcast market. The excellent audio sound processor and mixer, with two hybrid phones for incoming and outgoing calls, provide listeners and annuity. A CD player with USB and MP3 is included. A durable anti-scratch desk with 19 “rack cabinets built to hold all the equipment and ideal for the 24 / 24h use of the broadcast.

Our team of experts is at your disposal for installation and training.