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Digital/Dual Mode TV Transmitters

Digital/Dual Mode TV Transmitters

Digital/Dual Mode TV Transmitter

Analogue / Digital Television Transmitter

Generals. The new Series of Digital Television Transmitters is fully compatible with all the international digital standards, applications in VHF or UHF bands. The Transmitters are fully broadband.

Digital, Analog, and Dual Cast TV Transmitter SFT Series is reaching the highest technology level in both TV Digital Signal Processing and RF domain.

This TV Transmitters Series reaches top performances thanks to:

The new evolution of the ARK Series multistandard DTV Drivers, the ARK-X Series, able to meet or exceed all the DTV International Broadcasters requirements.

LDMOS devices: more rugged and efficient compared to the past, with a special low-loss design of matching and combining system, together with extremely high-efficiency power supplies (over 96% efficiency).

Compactness: a new concept of heatsync and ultracompact power supplies grants the minimum sizes of amplifier modules with air cooling or liquid cooling systems, and a greatly reduced dimensioning of the cooling system itself. A 10 kW rms DTV Transmitter in a single rack is just an example of this extreme compactness.

Fast maintenance:  this new SFT SERIES with a significantly improved easy-maintenance concept.

All RF power modules are hot pluggable (both liquid and air cooled versions) for an easy bench testing and/or instant replacement on site.

All RF power modules are equipped with 3 independent power supplies for maximum redundancy and easy single phase or balanced three phases operation selection. These 3 power supplies are also hot pluggable themselves, for a unique way of smart maintenance.

The latest generation of industry higher class power supplies grants over 96% efficiency with wider input AC range capability and greater ruggedness.

Latest generation progressive RF combiner with ultracompact unbalancing dummy loads and a smart intercommunication interface between RF modules, drivers and Logical Control System allow for a very clean and easy to maintain system configuration both for liquid and air cooling equipment.

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