Audio over IP Encoder/Decoder

STL Over IP Encoder/Decoder


STL Over IP Encoder/Decoder

Audio Over IP Link

The IPLink is a fast and reliable solution to stream audio in full-duplex PCM and half-duplex MP3 from a broadcast studio to a transmitter device in another physical location. RTP over UDP protocol guarantees low latency and strong reliability of the audio stream. The application can stream to unicast or multicast destinations (up to eight).Several administration tools like keep alive handshake, contact closure tunneling, SNMP traps, Serial gateway, multicast and DNS are supported. The IPLink is a very powerful and flexible tool for a professional radio distribution.


  • Full duplex/bidirectional Audio Connection
  • Connection via LAN
  • Web Server Configuration
  • High Quality Audio
  • Balanced Audio Input with Zin selection
  • Balanced Audio Output
  • P2P/P2MP Configuration
  • RS232 Serial Port tunnelling
  • GPI/O remote tunnel