2kw TV Transmitter E/DTV

2000W ps TV Transmitter E/DTV


2kw TV Transmitter E/DTV

The 2kW ps TV Transmitter E/DTV Transmitter 2000W family is a high quality digital amplifier capable of delivering an output signal of up to 2000W RF DTV. It can also be equipped with an integrated modulator board, allowing the device to become a fully-fledged Transmitter, equipped with the most advanced technologies – a FPGA (Fiel Programmable Gate Array) and Direct Digital Up-Conversion RF. A modulator board can also be integrated in the equipment to grant the capabilities of a full Transmitter, based on the latest technologies – an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and Direct Digital RF Up-Conversion. Extremely compact and efficient equipment enclosed in standard 19 ″ rack units, with optimized energy consumption.

The Transmitter 2000 DTV uses the latest LDMOS technology and provides the necessary modulation in accordance with the required transmission standard.The modulation process is completely digital for both Audio and Video to provide high performance and stability, and includes Linear and Non-Linear precorrection.

The E/DTV Transmitter 2000 is equipped with a complete set of audio inputs and an internal GPS receiver (1pps and 10Mhz) for the necessary synchronization. An intuitive local interface displayed on the LCD display allows real-time monitoring and configuration of equipment parameters.
Main features

High efficiency, low energy consumption
Configurations: Stand Alone, Dual Drive, 1 1, N 1 solutions.
Available in all analog standards (PAL SECAM NTSC) with digital processing for high performance
Available in all digital standards with adaptive precorrector
Available in band I – III – IV – V.
Up to 1000wrms with LDMOS technology
Integrated adaptive precorrector: Linear or Non-Linear
Dual ASI input seamless with priority selection
IP-to-ASI input (optional)
Application in MFN or SFN networks
Integrated GPS receiver (optional)
Web server, SNMP protocol