Omnidirectional FM Antennas – DIP1 TN


Omnidirectional FM Antennas – DIP1 TN

General: The Dip1TN Vertical Dipole Antenna is designed for low power operations in FM Broadcast Band (87,5 –108MHz). This antenna is composed of one non-corrosive aluminium alloy vertical dipole and a mounting bracket.
Effective cost: Good performances at effective cost is the main feature of this antenna.
Omni-Directional: The azimuth pattern is normally circular but could be modified by the mounting structure presence. As an option, the circularity of the horizontal pattern in presence of mounting structure can be factory tested.
Antenna systems: Stacking more antennas it’s possible to obtain customized patterns, increase the gain and the power handling capacity according to user requirements. Custom patterns, electrical beam tilt and null fill are available upon request.
Broadband: 10 MHz of bandwidth permits channel or broadband operations with multi-channel combiners.
Instant installation: The reduced overall dimensions and the low weight permit an easy installation even on light poles.
Disassemblable: This antenna is disassemblable in order to reduce the shipment and stocking costs.
Lightning resistance is guaranteed by the DC ground potential of the entire antenna.
Aluminium omnidirectional dipole, 12 MHz band, gain 1 dBd, N connector. Mounting clamps included.
FM Antennas include dipoles, panels, yagi and logarithmic antennas for directional and omnidirectional patterns
Available polarizations are:
– Vertical
– Horizontal
– Circular