DAB/DAB+ Exciter

DAB Driver


Radio DAB Transmitters – Digital Audio Broadcasting
Radio DAB Transmitters  Extra Efficiency


DAB Driver – Radio DAB Transmitter

Compatible with major headend brands, field-proven

Compact, flexible and easy to use in any DAB network

High power in extremely compact size and top-level efficiency.

Built-in SFN adapter and very advanced SWDT®, Software Defined Transmitters technology.

EDI /ETI seamless switching with full FEC control tested

Typical MER >33dB at all power levels and in all channels with shoulders >37dB without mask filter.

Highly stable in SFN network, thanks to high-quality local oscillator working in combination with embedded GPS built-in receiver.

Total remote control through built-in web server SNMP. The internal web server allows an easy monitoring and configuration through a LAN connection and a standard web browser.

High reliability, scalable and flexible configuration modes: dual drive, passive standby or N 1.

Liquid or air cooled.