TV 500W VHF transmitter


TV 500W VHF transmitter


The 500W  TV+ series is out, finally with a range of nicely priced TV transmitters for small TV stations. Build your own TV studio and broadcast your own TV program! Transmit, re-transmit the TV program you’ve never been able to receive in your valley, run a college TV station, cover rural areas of Africa with TV signal from satellite stations, run a hotel cable system info pages… this unit will keep you busy during the cold winter evenings and is sure to provide lots of fun for many months to come!
This unit in 2H 19″ rack enclosure offers 500W of power in the upper VHF end (175-225MHz). Unit is rugged and made for 24/7/365 operation. Unit runs from mains power (110-240V/50-60Hz). It gives up to about 20km of range depending on antenna type used on transmitting and receiving side. High-gain yagi antennas on both sides might offer even more range in favorable conditions. In our opinion the best quality/price ratio possible.


General features:
– Uses our standard 19″ 2H rack
– Built-in CPU for controlling and monitoring
– Adjustable TV channel (via LCD module with up/down keys)
– Easily adjustable TV and sound standard (via LCD module)
– Built-in test signal generator
– Supports all analog world TV standards: All PAL versions, SECAM, NTSC
– SWR protection
– Stereo sound possible with stereo board
– Friendly user interface
– Output power: 500W typ, adjustable from 0 to Pmax via internal trimmer
– Output impedance 50 Unbalanced, VSWR less than 2:1 for full output
– Output connector BNC female ( rear panel )
– Frequency range model HIGH: TV VHF HIGH band 175-225MHz
– Audio connectors: RCA (cinch)
– Audio level: 1Vpp
– Video level: 1Vpp
– Audio input impedance: 10K resistive, unbalanced
– Pre-emphasis 50 or 75usec
– Power supply: Mains 110-240V/50-60Hz universal, PC style mains cable
– Rack size: standard 2H
– Weight 12kg

What is the DSP Stereo Encoder for USA/NTSC?
– This add-on card enables stereo sound, it was designed for NTSC system, used in USA and most of South/North America.

Antenna options

We have provided several antenna options for you, they are suitable for the high VHF band (175-225MHz) and they both come with 5 meters of coaxial cable with installed connectors:
– The VHF HI dipole antenna (108-195MHz) is suitable for transmission in all directions (omnidirectional) and comes with a tuning chart, offers 2.14 dBi gain
– The 3/4 wave  TV VHF HI antenna is omnidirectional and is suitable for transmission to multiple receivers around the transmitter site. We will tune it for you so you have to specify TV channel at time of ordering. This antenna has the highest gain of the lot. Please re-check SWR after installing this antenna as some difference in tuning can result during transport.

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