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UHF TV power amplifier 5000W


UHF TV power amplifier 5000W

Available for UHF and VHF bIII bands
Latest 50V LD-MOS technology
Switching power supply with PFC
Fully redundant modular construction
High efficiency for reduced energy costs
Excellent ruggedness
Excellent reliability, oversized to increase operational life
Over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage, “overdrive” RF input and SWR protection
Remote control interface
Strong mechanical structure
0 dBm RF monitor
Hot swappable power supply
120 VAC input
EIA 7/8’’ output connector
Remote control

The new series is an excellent power amplifier system needed to increase transmission power.
All new series devices are composed by one or more AB class pallet amplifier stages depends on output power required based on 50V technology LD-MOS transistors characterized by higher power density, allowing very high levels of efficiency.
They provide excellent values on key parameters of the transmitted signal quality, such as shoulder attenuation, MER and intermodulation value. A redundant power supply part architecture permits to these amplifiers to work at reduced power in case of failure of one or more power supply units.
The following important features, built in, confer very high ruggedness and reliability to new amplifiers: EMI filter on line voltage, switching power supply with PFC, fully redundant modular construction, control unit display, microprocessor controlled fans, SWR, over-temperature, over-drive, over-current and over-voltage protections.
A display unit and USB port on frontal panel permit to control all operating parameters.