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TV Microwave link for fixed STL applications

ELETEC microwave links of EL series have been engineered to deliver one video and four audio channels (two standard) broadcast – quality.
The high stability synthesized oscillators permit easy and rapid frequency changes. On both TX and RX there is a double IF output 70MHz@0dBm standard, for any eventual IF linking with other radios.
The superior performances of these products are mainly due to the measured signal to noise ratio (SNR), the group delay and pre-emphasis and de-emphasis circuits (manually disabled) included in the modulator and demodulator section respectively.
The modular mechanical design and the solid state philosophy employed for their realization permit the housing of the complete system, for the three typical configurations (TX, RX and RP), in a 3HE 19” rack cabinet.
The systems are provided with a multifunctional display which allows to check entire operating parameter, alarm led for Audio and Video overmod and a remote control interface through RS-232 port. The EL series is available in different frequency ranges from 1.5 to 14.5GHz with different output powers both in the internal versions and with external RF heads. In the latter case modulator / demodulator are fixed in 3HE cabinet while up/down converter are fitted into waterproof tin cases suitable to be mounted on the rear of parabolic antennas. The external head is connected to the internal console by a single coaxial cable which passes both the IF signal and the power supply. For particular difficult connections, a series of external solid-state amplifiers, including those at high-power, is also available.
Low power consumption
DVB-S ready
Excellent noise figure
High stability synthesized oscillators
Up to four audio channels (two standard)
A.G.C. circuit
Plug-in modular construction 19” 3HE
Natural cooling
Mains or battery-fed power supply (optional)
Remote control interface



Modulation type
Frequency deviation
2.2 MHz pp with white video signal
IF frequency
70 MHz
IF level
2 x 0 dBm
Modulator linearity (70MHz +/- 8MHz)
< 1 %
Group delay (70 MHz +/- 8MHz)
< 5 ns
Video input connector
BNC female, 75 Ohm
Audio input level
0 dBm (adjustable on front panel)
Audio input impedance
600 Ohm or High impedance (balanced or unbalanced)
Audio pre-emphasis
50 us or 75 us
Subcarrier audio level
– 30 dBm
Audio deviation
75 KHz
Audio input connector
Mini cannon male XLR
Medium sensibility
– 75 / 80 dBm
IF 70MHz demodulator input level
0 dBm
Demodulator linearity  (70 MHz +/- 8 MHz)
1 %
Group delay (70 MHz +/- 8MHz)
< 15 ns
Amplitude response
< 0.5 dB 8 MHz
Output level
1 Vpp (2 outputs)
Video output connector
BNC female, 75 Ohm
Audio output level
0 dBm (adjustable on front panel)
Audio output impedance
600 Ohm (balanced or unbalanced)
Audio de-emphasis
50 us or 75 us
Frequency response level (20 Hz – 15 KHz)
0.5 dB
> 60 dB
Audio output connector
Mini cannon female XLR
Base band frequency
25 Hz – 9 MHz +/- 0.5 dB
Video frequency
25 Hz – 5.5 MHz +/- 0.5 dB
Video pre-emphasis
CCIR 625 or FCC 525
Frequency response level (25 Hz – 5.5 MHz)
0.5 dB
Differential gain
< 2 %
Differential phase
< 2 degrees
Audio subcarrier frequency
7.5 / 8.065 / 7.020 / 8.59 MHz (other on request)
Audio frequency range
18 Hz – 20 KHz
Audio harmonic distortion
< 0.5 %
Main AC input voltage
230 VAC
Power consumption
25 – 40 W max (depends on model)
Operating temperature range
-5 °C to 45 °C
Relative Humidity
95 % non condensing
Natural convection
Dimensions (W x H x D)
438 x 132 x 418 mm
19’’ 3 HE
11 – 13 Kg (depends on model)