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Turn Key Radio Starter Pro Small Radio Station, Community and University Radio station

14,900.00 12,400.00

Turn Key Radio ‘Starter Pro’ Community and University Radio station

Starter 12400 Euros

Radio FM Type STARTER is composed by:
•Professional Broadcast Furniture
•12 Channel input Broadcast Mixer LINE/MIC with 2 “Built-in” telephone Hybrids
•2  75W Speaker.
•Professional Double CD Player WAW/MP3/USB
•4 Microphones incl. Table Arms.
•1 Headphone Distributor 6 OUT.
•4 Closed Headphones.
•Radio Automation Software, Incl. Workstation, Professional Audio Card and 22” Flat Monitors.
•Digital stereo coder limiter
Option : RDS.
•On Air Light.
•In Factory Pre-Wiring.
•Complete Set of Cables and Connectors.
1KW FM Transmitter, 4 bays dipole antennas, splitter, int. cable, 30m coax cable
Starter 12400 Euros

special offer 28.4.18 to 28.5.18