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Complete 1000W FM Radio Package

15,450.00 12,400.00

Complete 1000W FM Radio Package

Complete Radio Station 1000W

Complete 1000W FM Radio Package / 1000W FM Radio Station
Special Radio Africa – Creation of a local radio FM

Create a complete and powerful FM 1000W station made of the latest generation FM equipment:
Composition of FM Broadcast Power Station 1kw 1000 Watts
– 1 FM stereo power transmitter 1000W (1kW) – adjustable frequency from 87.5 to 108.00 Mhz
– Electronic protections
– 4 broadband Dipole antennas
– 4-way coupler
– 30m cable 1.2 “cc
– a double CD player
– 1 mixer 12 inputs
– 2 telephone inserts (opt)
– 1 computer PC + soft automated radio
– 1 digital stereo encoder + 75 Khz modulation limiter (optional)
– 4 microphones
– 4 feet of microphones
– 1 distributor of 4 helmets
– 4 headsets
– 1 Amp / FM Tuner control transmission 2X100W
– 2 speakers back studio
– 1 wiring kit to connect all devices to the mixer
– Coaxial cable
– as well as all BF and HF connectors …

FM Radio Station 1000 W
OPTION: 6-band sound processing / digital stereo encoder
OPTION: 1 PC PC + 1 soft mount / prod, 1TB hard drive, 1 flat screen 21.5 “, 1 eletec Switcher
OPTION: Link Beam, IP Link
The turnkey 1000W FM station is based on the latest technologies and offers the performance and qualities required for the creation of FM radio stations.
With a very high quality of sound, low power consumption and easy maintenance, the Eletec FM 1000W station is suitable for Africa.


Complete Radio Station 1000W

FM Radio Station 1000 W Special Africa PROMOTION ELETEC
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