TV digital audio processor for TV DAB Webcasting DIGIPROTV6

TV digital audio processor for TV DAB Webcasting DIGIPROTV6

Product Description

TV digital audio processor for TV  DAB  Webcasting DIGIPROTV6

Digital audio processor suited for TV  DAB  Webcasting


TV multiband digital audio processor with integrated SDI audio embedder-deembedder, with loudness control in compliance with ITU-R.BS1770.

DIGIPROTV6 audio processing chain comprises a two bands AGC which feeds the six bands limiter-compressor, followed by a final clipper-limiter operating at 96KHz, optimized for distortion masking, this obtaining a cleaner and clipping artifacts free sound.

DIGIPROTV 6 is a digital multiband audio processor suited for DTV, DAB – HD-Radio, webcasting, audio production and everywhere effective audio leveling and peak limiting is needed.

The loudness limiter can equalize the perceived loudness among different audio program sources such as live shows, commercials, films, music videos.
It operates according to the ITU-R BS.1770 standard

The D-TV version is equipped with SDI audio embedder-deembedder with automatic bypass in case of failure.
This version can process the audio stream already embedded into the SDI signal, or can be used as an audio embedder to insert the audio coming from an external source into the SDI signal.

The audio processing are realized through DSPs, allowing a stable operation over time and the possibility to implement new functions through software updates.

An adjustable delay line will help in lip-syncing the embedded audio to the incoming video


Analog audio input
Sampling frequency 48KHz/24bits
Input level +12/-12dBu
XLR connectors, electronically balanced

Digital audio input
Accepts AES/EBU and SPDIF sample rates from 32 to 96KHz, XLR connector with balanced transformer

Analog audio output
Output level +12/-12dBu
XLR connectors, electronically balanced

Headphones output
1/4″ front panel jack
Output: 100mW RMS over 50 ohm

Audio processor 8mS

SDI Interface (DTV version)
1 SDI BNC 75 ohm input
3 SDI BNC outputs, one with auto bypass in case of equipment failure

Loudness control ITU-R BS.1770 standard

Remote control
All functions can be managed remotely with an included software.

RS-232 (standard on all models)
Ethernet streaming card (optional)
Ethernet UDP card (optional)

Power supply
100-240VAC 50/60Hz

1 x 19″ rack unit
44mm x 483mm x 156mm
Weight 2,5 Kg



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