DIGIPRO3 is a FM broadcast audio processor with integrated MPX and RDS encoder

FM Digital Audio Processor DIGIPRO3

3 bands FM Audio Processor DIGIPRO3

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Product Description

FM Digital Audio Processor DIGIPRO3

3 bands FM audio processor

DIGIPRO3 is a FM broadcast audio processor with integrated MPX and RDS encoder
The processing chain comprises a wide band AGC which feeds the 3 bands audio processor.
This configuration allows for a good on air presence, combined with a natural and transparent sound.
The audio processing and RDS/MPX encoders are realized by DSP, allowing a stable operation over time and the possibility to implement new functions through software updates.

An optional ethernet streaming card allows to play MP3  AAC+ streams and files, thus forming a complete stream to MPX + RDS receiver for use as a spare audio source or network STL.
In this case, the audio signal coming from network will be directly processed by the DSP and converted to analog only at MPX output, thus realizing an entirely digital processing chain.


Analog audio input
Sampling frequency 48KHz/24bits
Input level +12/-12dBu
XLR connectors, electronically balanced

Digital audio input
Accepts AES/EBU and SPDIF sample rates from 32 to 96KHz, XLR connector with balanced transformer

SCA input
BNC connector

Analog audio output
Output level +12/-12dBu
Deemphasis Off, 50uS, 75uS
XLR connectors, electronically balanced

MPX output
Output level +6/-6dBu
Stereo crosstalk > 66dB
BNC connector
Pilot reference output 19KHz, 1Vpp square wave

Audio processor 8mS
Stereo coder 4mS

RDS Encoder
Carrier lever electronically adjustable from 0 to 6KHz, in 100Hz steps
Radiotext+, CT and dynamic PS are managed by included software (MS Windows XP, W7)

Remote control
All functions can be managed remotely with an included software.
RS-232 (standard on all models)
Ethernet streaming card (optional)
Ethernet standard card (optional)

Power supply
100-240VAC 50/60Hz
12VDC on request

1 x 19″ rack unit
44mm x 483mm x 156mm
Weight 1Kg

DIGIPRO3 is a FM broadcast audio processor with integrated MPX and RDS encoder

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