FM Combiner Double Bridge

FM Combiner Double Bridge

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Product Description

FM Combiner Double Bridge

FM Combiner Double Bridge channel spacing > 2.5 Mhz

Made of aluminum, silvered copper and PTFE.

They are composed of two cavity filters and 2 hybrid couplers, they have a selective input and a broadband.

It is therefore necessary , in order, knowing all the frequencies of use.

The cavity filters have a B.W. command that allow you to adjust selectivity and also the isolation between channels.

The “double bridge” combining filters allow easy changes to new operating frequencies.

They are composed by two different double cavity filters and two hybrid couplers, including narrow band and wide band input lines.


FREQ. RANGE87.5 – 108Mhz87.5 – 108Mhz87.5 – 108Mhz87.5 – 108Mhz87.5 – 108Mhz
IMPEDANCE50 Ohm50 Ohm50 Ohm50 Ohm50 Ohm
MIN. CHANNELS SPACING>2.5MHz>2.5MHz>2.5MHz>2.5MHz>2.5MHz
BANDWIDTH ( -3db )300 – 600Khz300 – 600Khz300 – 600Khz300 – 600Khz300 – 600Khz
INSERTION LOSS0.2 – 0.6db0.2 – 0.6db0.2 – 0.5db0.2 – 0.5db0.2 – 0.4db
ISOLATION BETWEEN CHANNELS 35db typical35db typical35db typical35db typical35db typical
WORKING TEMPERATURE10-40°10-40°10-40°10-40°10-40°
CONNECTOR INNN-7/167/167/87/8-1+5/8
CONNECTOR OUT7/167/87/81+5/83+1/8
WEIGHT25.5 Kg26 Kg45 Kg50 Kg65 Kg
DIMENSIONS1170x410x300 mm1170x410x310 mm1460x460x420 mm1460x480x420 mm1350x900x500 m

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