Complete Radio Station 1000W 1kW low cost Complete FM Radio Station


Complete Radio Station 1000W (1kW)


Complete Radio Station 1000W (1kW) low cost  12.400 EUR

1000W FM Radio Station


Special Radio Africa – Creation of a local FM radio

Create a complete and efficient 1000W FM station composed of latest generation FM equipment:

Composition of the FM Broadcast Station power 1kw 1000 Watts

– 1 stereo FM transmitter 1000W (1kW) – adjustable frequency from 87.5 to 108.00 Mhz
– Electronic protections
– 4 broadband dipole antennas, N
– 4-way coupler
– 30m cable 1.2 “cc
– a Double CD player
– 1 12-input mixer
– 2 telephone inserts (opt)
– 1 PC computer automated soft radio
– 1 digital stereo encoder 75 Khz modulation limiter (option)
– 4 microphones
– 4 microphone stands
– 1 distributor of 4 helmets
– 4 headphones
– 1 Amplifier / Tuner emission control 2X100W
– 2 studio monitor speakers
– 1 wiring kit allowing all devices to be connected to the mixer
– Coaxial cable
as well as all LF and HF connectors …

1000 W FM Radio Station


OPTION: 6-band sound processing / Digital stereo encoder

OPTION: RDS encoder

OPTION: 1 PC computer 1 editing / production software, 1 TB hard drive, 1 21.5 “flat screen, 1 eletec Switcher

OPTION: Trunk link, IP link

The turnkey 1000W FM station comes from the latest technologies and offers the performance and qualities required in the context of creating an FM radio station.
With very high sound quality, low power consumption and easy maintenance, Eletec FM station 1000W is suitable for Africa.

FM Radio Station 1000 W Special Africa PROMOTION ELETEC

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