TV digital audio processor for TV DAB Webcasting V6


TV digital audio processor for Digital TV


Digital audio processor suited for TV  DAB  Webcasting

TV multiband digital audio processor with integrated SDI audio embedder-deembedder, with loudness control in compliance with ITU-R.BS1770.


V6 is a digital multiband audio processor optimized for television broadcasting.

V6 digital audio processor is a multi-band audio processor for sound processing in the field of DTV, webcasting, post-production and where necessary a leveling system and containment of audio peaks.

The processing chain comprises a two-band AGC that feeds the limiter to six bands.

The final clipper-limiter operates at 96 KHz and has been optimized for the containment of the distortion arising from this, allowing you to get a clear sound without the common artifacts of digital clipping.

The audio processing is managed by DSP, allowing to have a stable and precise operation in time and the possibility to implement new functions through software updates..

The version for DTV use, is supplied with SDI interface and automatic bypass. The same system can process the audio already present in an SDI signal, or serve as audio embedder, by entering the audio from the analog or AES/EBU in the SDI signal.


Digital audio processor optimized for Digital TV

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