TV Microwave link 1.5 to 14.5GHz

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Low power consumption
Excellent noise figure
Remote control interface
High stability synthesized oscillator
MFN mode supported
The EDKLG series is available in different frequency ranges from 1.5 to 14.5GHz with different output powers, both in the internal versions or with external RF heads. In the latter case RF parts are fitted into waterproof tin cases suitable to be mounted on the rear of parabolic antennas. The external head is connected to the internal console by a single coaxial cable which passes the RF signal and the power supply. This series is developed to support only Multi Frequency Network architectures .
The microwave link EDKG series is the ELETEC offer for the distribution of digital signals, designed for high flexibility along with an extreme ease of use.
EDKLG system is attractive for both individual point-to-point links and complete distribution networks. The transmitter, built in 3HE cabinet, is equipped with a plug-in DVB-S standard QPSK modulator with ASI input and modulation capacity up to 48Mbit/s . The receiver, with two ASI output signals, is built in a 1HE cabinet, integrating a down converter and an IRD. An external optional 1HE demodulator is required for Audio-Video outputs.
For particular difficult connections, a series of external solid-state amplifiers, including high-power ones, is also available.

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