Liquid-cooled VHF DAB transmitter


Liquid-cooled VHF DAB transmitter

The VLX-OP Series integrates liquid-cooling pumps that move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors

VLX-OP Series is a high-efficiency, frequency-agile transmitter range that covers low-band VHF (Channels 2–6), high-band VHF (Channels 7–13) and DAB/DAB+ radio. The units offer the same software-defined modulations as Maxiva VAXTE air-cooled transmitters to support global analogue and digital standards. The VLX-OP Series integrates redundant, liquid-cooling pumps that are said to efficiently move transmitter-generated heat to building exteriors. The system reportedly minimises cooling requirements inside RF shelters and reduces utility bills at medium-to-high power levels. The series also benefits from the power density of Maxiva transmitters to reduce size and weight and a hot-swappable modular design to streamline maintenance.

GatesAir has also released three other additions to its catalogue. First, the Maxiva PMTX-1 pole-mount transmitter is an outdoor pole-mounted 50W post-filter transmitter that can be configured as a transmitter, translator or on-channel gap filler. Covering all UHF/VHF standards plus DAB radio, the PMTX-1 comes in a rugged, telecom-grade, weatherproof enclosure and has been designed for extreme weather conditions. The DC-powered, pole-mount design has no moving parts or air filters to reportedly eliminate most maintenance requirements. Second, the Maxiva IMTX-70 multi-transmitter desktop has been designed to house up to six 70W TV transmitters and/or translators/transposers to reportedly reduce real-estate costs associated with multi-transmitter operational support.

Finally, the Maxiva MultiD multi-carrier DAB transmitter brings three DAB transmitters together into a compact 1U chassis. The multi-carrier architecture is said to remove the need for external RF combining and instead generates and re-transmits all three channels through a single amplifier. The multi-carrier modulation supports adjacent and non-adjacent frequencies to reportedly provide a flexible lower cost solution for DAB networks.

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