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Oxygen 3000 Digital Mixing Console for Radio defined a new standard in the broadcast market.

Characterized by an elegant design and compact size, Oxygen 3000 is suitable to be used as On Air Console and Production Console. Oxygen 3000 is based on digital technology with DSP audio processing to deliver high-end quality, latest features and flexibility with ease of use. Oxygen 3000 is the Bestseller in its category at the best quality/price ratio. Oxygen 3000 is a powerful and compact unit featuring 10 faders, meters for each single channel, built-in 7” display for settings, wide range of connectivity and accessories in a rugged and classy steel chassis.Easy and reliable as the analogue mixing consoles, Oxygen 3000 adds the value of the digital engine that grants a near 0 latency ( < 0,7 ms I/O ) and plenty of advanced functions as the internal routing signal, customizable preset and easy recall, user defined smart keys, analog and digital I/O.Oxygen 3000 completely revised with a brand new firmware.


The Oigen 3000 is a powerful compact unit with 10 faders, independent meters per channel, a 7 ”display, extensive connectivity functions, all located in an elegant, robust steel chassis.

Simple and reliable, like analog consoles, the Oxygen 3000 adds the plus of digital processing with virtually zero latency (<0.7 ms I / O), offering exciting features such as internal signal routing, user-defined presets easily accessible, configurable keys and digital inputs and outputs with the possibility of locating on any channel.

It is based on digital technology with audio processing through DSP to obtain exceptional quality, a multitude of work tools and ease of use.