Complete FM Radio Station Package

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Complete FM Radio Station Package


FM Radio Station Package offer Professional grade, high quality FM broadcast systems to start your own Radio Station at competitive prices

This system contains all the equipment needed to start broadcasting

2 mixing consoles, one for ON AIR broadcasting and one for production/ recording

3 Networked PCs with Windows 7 or 8, radio production and playlist/automation software/editing/programming

2 Portable Digital Mp3 Recorders , 1 Gsm Phone

A studio telephone and telephone hybrid

A top of the range ELETEC 1000 Watt FM stereo transmitter and four broadband FM dipole antennas, which provide sufficient power to broadcast to a range of 50km (depending on the height of the antenna/site, noise, and the terrain of the local area)

Example Package

Studio Equipment

1 RS12 Broadcast Mixing Console

1 BS6 6+6 Channel Production Mixing Console

1 ST1/DCM Limiter-Compressor Stereo

2 Audio Portable Digital Recorders

2 Numark CD/MP3 Players DN77

3 Desktop PCs with audio production and radio playlist software

3 Monitors, Keyboards, etc..

2 Pairs Monitor/ Loudspeakers MK1

2 Telephone Hybrid

1 Denon Dual Cassette Recorder

1 FM Tuner/amplifier

1 Pair of Studio Monitor Speakers

2 SM7 Microphones

3 Dynamic Microphones

5 Pairs of Sennheiser Studio Headphones

1 MM6 Headphone Amplifier

2 12U rack

2 Mic Stands

4 Table Mic Stands

Cables and Connectors

1 Pre-Wired Radio Station Kit

2 Recordable CDs 100 pack

Transmission Equipment

1 FAL1000 1KW ELETEC FM Transmitter

4 Eletec Wideband Dipole Antennas, N, with clamps…

1 Power Divider in 7/16 out 4 ways N with 4 1.4″ N/N conn.

1 50 : Ohm 1.2″ Coaxial Cable 35m


1 Composite Aural Link 5 watts + 2 grid antennas 24db, 2X15m 1.2″cc coaxial cable

on-Air Processing

Diamond FM 6-bands processing/stereo generator

Extras (option)

Voltage Stabalizers (mono or three phase)..

Equipment, Training and Technical Services for Africa Community Radio and Commercial Radio

Categories: Radio Turn-key Solutions.

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